Handheld Galvanic Ion Ultrasonic Led Photon Rejuvenation Spot Freckle Wrinkle Remover Acne Treatment Facial Massager Instrument

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Product Description

With elegant gift box package, suitable for gift and resale!
Product Description
1. Material: ABS+Stainless steel
2. Color: red, white, silver
3. Size: 185 x 55 x 55 mm
4. Net Weight/ Gross Weight: 181g/ 650g
5. Package: gift box
6. Gift box Size: 250 x 230 x 75mm
7. Photon color: red, blue, green
8. Ultrasonic wave frequency: 3MHz
9. Input: AC100-240V, 50/60hz; Output: DC5V, 1A
10. Current: 300mA
11. Ultrasonic probe head: 25mm
12. Package size: 250 x 230 x 75mm
13. Place of origin: shenzhen, guangdong, china
14. Certificate: CE, ROHS
1. EMS: The micro electric stimulates the skin muscles for skin firming, muscle relax, tightening, removal fine lines/ wrinkles, etc;
2. 3Mhz Ultrasonic: face lifting, slimming, skin cell masaage, promote collagen formation and circulation, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle/ fine lines;
3. Red Light: (Wavelength 625+/-3nm (18 LEDs): skin rejuvenation, whitening, remove dark spots, promote collagen formation, tightening pores, anti redniess, lightening;
4 . Blue Light (Wavelength 465+/-3nm (18 LEDs): Kills bacterium from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and preventing acne and breakouts, removal scars,etc.;
5. Green Light (Wavelength 525+/-3nm (18 LEDs): Calms and balances the skin tone, this can help to break down and prevent uneven melanin (pigment) production. An excellent treatment that leaves the skin even and bright, whilst calming the skin and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system.
6. Yellow Light: (Wavelength 592+/-3nm (18 LEDs): Relieves irritation and aims to enhance the immunity within the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, to rid the skin of toxins and increase circulation. This treatment is best for swollen and sensitive skin.
7. Galvanic Ions: Galvanic IONS deeply cleanses the skin of impurities that can cause a dull and lifeless appearance. This process happens when negatively charged IONS attract and encapsulate toxins, preparing them to be removed. Following up on this, the positive IONS work to attract the encapsulated impurities from within the skin.
Not only does this treatment leave the skin thoroughly clean, but also improves oxygenation and circulation, which promotes cellular health and helps to stave off free-radical damage and premature ageing.
The most important thing is to choose the correct skin care products that suit your skin type, can be used with the device and can treat your skin conditions. This range should then be used with this device to ensure best results.
For Best Results
Skin whitening and dark spot correction (Do this every other day) Choose ‘Deep’ cleanse mode on the skin. Then choose ‘Nutri-plus’ for skin perfection. Also choose the mode ‘whiten’, and the LED lights will alternate in order to effectively lighten and even out the skin. Spend 10-15 seconds per area of the skin. Use the pictures to identify what movements to use. This treatment will last 15 minutes.
Acne Treatment (Do this every night) When cleansing and toning the skin, select the mode ‘cleanse’ to effectively remove dirt from the skin. Then select ‘acne-care’ and using your cream or gel massage the skin. Spending 10-15 seconds per area of the skin. The blue and green lights will alternate and this will effectively treat breakouts and blemishes.
Sensitive skin treatment (once a week) Select the mode ‘cleanse’ or ‘nutrition’ and gently massage the face. You may choose ‘anti-acne’; the LED lights should alternate for optimal results.
Every treatment needs to be used with water, distilled water, oil, essential oil, gel or a cream for best results.
Package Includes
1pc main device
1pc English users manual
1pc adaptor
1pc goggles (optional)
1pc Cosmetic Cotton
Product Show

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.85kg (1.87lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 20cm x 15cm (9.84in x 7.87in x 5.91in)

  • Brand Name: ultrabeautifly
  • False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
  • Size: 185 x 55 x 55 mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: FM-001
  • Item name : Ultrasonic Photon Galvanic Ion facial beauty massager
  • Color: white/red/silver
  • Material : ABS/stainless steel
  • Working voltage: 100-240V
  • Adapter: AU/US/UK/AU
  • Build-in Battery : NO
  • Feature: EMS+ION+Photon+Ultrasonic
  • Function : Face Lift Skin Tihgtening Skin Renewal
  • Certificate: CE/ROSH


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